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Booking terms / Tahko Experience Oy
These Terms and Conditions apply to the services provided by Tahko Experience Oy to its customers. A reservation can be made orally or in writing. The agreement is created when the customer confirms the booking in writing (letter or email). The reservation is valid for the number of employees notified and becomes binding upon Tahko Experience Oy its written confirmation (email, letter). After the booking has been confirmed, a payment is made, which is 100% of the total price of the reservation. If the payment is not made in time, the annual penalty payment will be charged on the basis of the Interest Act, Section 4. If the payment terms are not respected, Tahko Experience Oy has the right to terminate the agreement. The customer is, however obliged to pay the full costs incurred.

Cancellations and changes
The day of the cancellation is the day Tahko Experience Oy has been informed of the cancellation. The reservation must always be canceled in writing (letter, e-mail). Cancellation of the preliminary booking of the accommodation is possible without any costs. If confirmed the reservation will be canceled earlier than four (4) weeks before the start of the reservation, the reservation will be canceled up to 50% booking fee + 20 Euro handling fee. If a cancellation is made less than four (4) week before the start of the booking, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.  We recommend to our customers for travel insurance in case of exceptional circumstances and unexpected cases.

Number of people
The final number of the group will be confirmed to Tahko Experience Oy no later than 14 days before event. If the size of a group is reduced and is not notified, we will charge the order in full (if group size affects the price). Scheduling changes must always be negotiated separately. All changes / confirmations / cancellations we ask to write (email) to Tahko Experience Oy.

Special arrangements
If Tahko Experience Oy obtains special licenses from the customer's request, the customer agrees to pay them the costs incurred.

Customer Responsibility
The Customer is responsible for all damages caused by Tahko's equipment, staff, performers or audience Experience Oy or a third party. The Customer agrees to comply with Tahko Experience Oy and the instructions provided by the organizers of the responsible program, the special equipment of the premises, furniture, equipment, etc. issues. The customer is obliged to follow the safety and special instructions provided as well as the timetable for the opportunity / booking you have accepted. If a customer fails to comply with these obligations, the responsible organizer of the program has the right to charge for the negligence costs.

Other considerations
The customer is responsible for providing the necessary licenses or certificates to use the services, such as driving license (eg program services), are valid. Tahko Experience Oy is not required to pay natural or unforeseen weather variations that may be caused by the customer or expenses. The organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the program if weather conditions or other factors cause an incident or other security risk. The customer is obliged to be timely instructed during the meeting place. Possible complaints must be made to the service provider or Tahko Experience Oy representative. If this is not possible or does not get a satisfactory solution on the spot or related to it claim, the complaint must be filed in writing within seven days of the end of the program to: Tahko Experience Oy, Laitisenmäki 318 C, 73320 Nilsiä, e-mail: info@tahkoexperience.fi Terms and conditions are valid until further notice, subject to change (23.10.2018).